14 lutego 2015

Happiness is just a matter of perspective.

Ilkley ,majestatczne miasteczko polozone nieopodal we wschoniej Angli,bardzo mnie zainspirowalo
do pokazania stylu ubierania tamtejszych ludzi.Ta malownicza miejscowość jest odzwierciedleniem filmu Hobbit.
Moj oufit jest bardzo inspirowany marka Ralph Lauren.Użyłem kolorów niebieskich pasującego do tła otoczenia.

Sweater by Barons of England
Trousers by Zara
Wellingtons by Unknown
Jacket by AllSaints
Shirt by G-Star

4 stycznia 2015

"The Young Mind"

"the kind friend whose appreciation has cheered me, the idealist whose work has guided me, the brilliant intellect praise has encouraged me.."

Sweater Cashmere by William Hunt
Black trousers by H&M
Shoes by Roland Cartier

26 czerwca 2014

Summer is Catching Me.

What is perfect outfit for the summer? Comfy shorts with simple summer shirt and bright shoes. 

Shirt - RiverIsland (Grey grandad collar shirt)
Short - TopMan (Handmade, with long trousers)
Shoes - Vans Atwood Cracked
Pics by Lukasz Wojtowicz

22 czerwca 2014

Outfit For The Dark Days

Again the black colour inspired me . I had to ,
I couldn't stop myself to create this blog post which shows us how black fashion could be worn.

While black fashion designers are a rarity in the industry,
there are many who have made great strides not only in their designs,
but in creating opportunities for other designers of color.

Jumper - H&M
Pants - Burton 
Sunglasses- TopMan
Shoes - Burton
Pics by Lukasz Wojtowicz

15 kwietnia 2014

Black Nike Sneakers *

Finally , arrived the days , when we can wear just shirt without jacket.
My shirt today is from 'Vans' , which works very well with my pans ,
for that day also I chose my black 'Nike' sneakers .

Shirt - Vans
Pans - BackStage Boston
Shoes - Nike Sneakers

2 kwietnia 2014

Wayfarer Glasses

Today something completely different. By wearing glasses changes my look completely for more mature men, which I think look pretty good. But let's see from where Wayfarer galsses come from :

Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses are nothing if not iconic. Born in the 1950′s as sunglasses, they have flattered the many changing faces of fashion throughout the decades, and today they are among the most recognizable glasses on the market. They were originally intended for men as they are typically quite large and angular, however they have grown popular with women too.

Whilst the Wayfarer style is still a hugely attractive choice for people wanting to buy sunglasses, nowadays this shape is the most popular type of nerd glasses, thanks to classy subtle curves that make them look smart and fashionable at the same time. For that reason, hipsters that praise everything vintage could not overlook Wayfarer glasses too!
Wayfarer glasses without the tint are a really good option for a pair of glasses which will be flattering as well as making a statement. They can be fun and quirky and are always cool, so if this is the impression you want to give then these are the glasses for you!

23 marca 2014

Outfit for Spring Feel Confortable

For The Spring bright denim materials are good composition with Classic Toms shoes.
The bright denim jeans with holes are my
personal favorite this season which make me feel fashionably.
Remember to take with you jacket because it might STILL be too cold !

Sunglasses - Jack & Jones
Jacket (Quilted Shirt) - AllSaints
Shirt - Topman
T-Shirt - Nike Track & Field
Jens - Topman
Shoes -Toms